How to choose colostrum protein and effectiveness.

colostrum protein

Today, we are going to learn how to choose colostrum protein, which is also good for athletes, and how to eat it without side effects.
In the past, I used to eat protein to build muscles, but these days, more people take it for dieting or health, and more products related to ultra-protein have also been added.
Let’s take time to find out the effects of colostrum protein and its side effects together.

Effects of colostrum protein and its side effects

1. Diet effect.
2. Strengthen immunity.
3. Helps with treating inflammation.

Adverse effects of Colostrum Protein

1. Digestive disorder.
2. Allergic reactions.
3. Increased incidence of disease.

Infants with poor digestion or kidney function, unlike adults, may lose their immunity and cause allergic reactions to immune globlin in the colostrum protein, and overdose may not be good for the body.
Human breast milk has relatively little protein, but milk cows’ colostrum milk has a high protein and inorganic content, so be careful because excessive use is known to cause digestive problems or diseases.

The effects of Colostrum Protein.

1. Diet effect.
There is a growth factor in grassland, and as you get older, it decreases, diabetes occurs, and you gain weight. Colostrum protein has a lot of growth factors. You can get diabetes as well as diet effects.

2. Strengthen immunity.
Immune cells are mostly made up of protein, and with aging, immunity decreases, which can lead to various diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Immunoglobulin in colostrum protein increases immunity and increases nutrient absorption.

3. Helps with treating inflammation.
Growth hormones in colostrum protein are anti-aging substances and have the effect of preventing aging. Also, it is said to help treat inflammation of skin and biological tissues, so it is recommended to eat it.

What is Colostrum?

colostrum milk refers to milk squeezed within five days of delivery of cows.
It accounts for 0.5% of the world’s milk production.
It contains protein, essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, of which protein is five times as much as regular milk.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has also designated sarcopenia caused by lack of protein as a disease, raising interest in protein.
According to the food industry, the protein-related food market is expected to nearly double from 50 billion won to 60 billion won last year to 100 billion won this year.

How to eat colostrum protein.

When choosing a protein product, please set the criteria for your body as below and purchase it.
Failure to purchase carefully can lead to adverse side effects.

1. Vegetable protein.
I personally chose vegetable protein as a vegetable protein because I thought it suited my body better than colostrum protein.

It is recommended to choose a product that is not made of genetically modified food.

3. It contains essential amino acids.
Proper amino acid supply is essential for proteins to be synthesized in the body.
Among them, essential amino acids must be obtained through food, so it is recommended to check if they contain at least 8 kinds.

4. Check the chemical additives.
Chemical additives commonly used in health supplements are often used for taste or productivity, but it is recommended to choose products that are not used as much as possible. Please choose a product with the NCS mark.