How to start golf sport.

start golf

1. When you start, do you exercise indoors vs. outdoors? vs. outside practice variety?

As a personal point of view of the train, novices are advised to exercise indoors.

When you are a beginner, it is much better to concentrate on correcting your swing than seeing your sphere fly away.

Nowadays, indoor method varieties are not much different from outside method ranges since almost the same data as actual outside shots are displayed on the screen with exact golf equipments, and most indoor method ranges have swing evaluation equipments, so you can rapidly correct your visit checking your posture


interior method variety.

Advantages: Swing evaluation, weather-unaffected, exercising in winter months.

relatively affordable of a training school.

outside technique array.

Benefits: Examine the round quality, very easy to check the distance of each club, can exercise with a feeling comparable to the area

The most effective means is to do two at the same time.

It is advised that you exercise while fixing your swing inside and check out the exterior practice variety every so often to examine the sphere high quality and range.

2. What should I do with the golf club?

rental golf club.

Golf clubs are usually leased at no cost at practice grounds.

I suggest that you make a full speed with a rental club

I recommend you purchase a golf club later.

The reason is that I even made a full swing to check exactly how strong my swing is.

Since I have to purchase a club that fits my swing speed, not a heavy club, even if I’m skinny, I have to obtain my swing inspected by my professional and also recommend a club that fits me to purchase the right club and purchase a club that I can make use of for a very long time.

3. What do you need on your very first day of golf method?

golf attire.

Golf wear or comfortable sportswear is good, and also loose clothes disrupt swing and also lesson specialists inspecting their position, so it is suggested to stay clear of clothes that are as well huge clothes


golf shoes.

When you are a novice, you ought to prepare tennis shoes or golf shoes (called spikes).

Unlike normal tennis shoes, golf shoes have a sagging sign on the bottom of the golf shoes to prevent slipping, so if you have some power, you can use them in practice instead of sneakers.
You ‘d better wear golf shoes.

golf gloves.

Gloves are sold at golf stores or in regular method varieties.

The salesman or expert can suggest gloves that fit your hand size and acquire them. (Costs are 10,000 to 30,000 won).

Handwear covers are consumables, so you require at the very least three when you go out for an exterior round.
You can replace wet handwear covers on a rainy day, so please acquisition numerous.

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